For Sale: Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires for FR-S BRZ 215/45/17

For Sale: 4 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. 215/45/17.
Price: $100
Location: Berkeley, CA

I bought a set of used wheels and ended up putting some different tires on them. So these MPSS are available. Just measured them with calipers - 3mm on 2 (4/32"), and 4mm on the other 2 (5/32"). One tire had a small nail that was professionally plugged and patched. These tires could easily go for another 6-7K miles. Perfect for an extra set of track day tires or for drifting!



For Sale: OEM Audio Plus System 400 for FR-S BRZ 86

OEM Audio Plus System 400+ for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, or Toyota 86. Purchased new by me in November 2015. 

The System 400+ originally retailed for $1199 + tax/shipping. More than just a subwoofer, this system includes tweeters, an amp, and a DSP that are specifically tuned for the FR-S BRZ 86. This upgrade is a big improvement in tonal range and clarity.

  • Selling because I'm trading in the car.
  • Amp is currently tuned for the Scion Display Radio (2013 FR-S 10 Series, and many 2014-2015 models).
  • If you have a different head unit, OEM Audio will retune the amp for your car at no charge. Just send them the amp out of the back of the unit. Easy.
  • At the time of purchase, OEM Audio Plus offered a full or robust bass setting. Currently tuned to full. Good review here.
  • The FR-S and BRZ both have the same stereo harness with 10-in and 6-pin connectors. This system will fit either car and any stock head unit per OEM Audio Plus.
  • The system works perfectly.
  • Aesthetically there are some surface marks from loading stuff in and out of the trunk. I've probably over-emphasized these marks in the photos. When the unit is in the car, they're not that visible.
  • Includes everything you need to install. You'll need to join the 2 yellow wires in the engine bay where they were cut. The install took me about 3 hours, and i'd never done anything like this before.


  • Front 1" Soft Dome Tweeters
  • Factory Speaker Optimization
  • Multi-Channel 32-Bit DSP Amplifier (360 Watts RMS @ 2-ohms)
  • Subwoofer Amplifier (120 Watts RMS @ 2-ohms)
  • Quick-Sync "Plug & Play" Wiring Harness
  • 8" Dual Voice-Coil Subwoofer System
  • Note: This does NOT include door speakers or rear speakers. These can still be purchased from OEM Audio Plus. I thought the system sounded great with the tweeters and sub only.

Price: $700
That's over $500 less than a new one!
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Shipping: I prefer to sell in person. Will consider shipping later if needed.
Location: Berkeley, CA
Payment: Cash or Paypal gift.
Feedback: I have 100% feedback on eBay.

For Sale: FR-S BRZ 86 Parts


Email me:
Location: Berkeley, CA
Payment: Cash in person. Paypal if shipping.

Shipping: Will ship if you purchase $50 or more.
Buyer pays shipping. Email me your address for a quote.
Will not ship #9 trunk lid liner due to lack of a box that size.

Feedback: I have 100% feedback on eBay.

1. Mishimoto Induction Hose - SOLD
Good condition. An easy way to improve air flow and delete the sound tube. Does not include the sound generator plug or intake resonator delete cap. Re-use your stock intake resonator, and this is ready to install. These are $129 new.

2. Perrin Shorty Antenna (2 in) - SOLD
Get rid of the remote controlled car look. Easiest install ever. These are about $25 new.


3. Steering Wheel Trim (Black) - SOLD
Fits the 2013-2016 steering wheel on the FR-S and BRZ. These are $21 new if you can find them in stock. Looks so good. Disconnect your battery when installing. 


4. OEM Traction Control Buttons for Automatic Transmission (AT) - SOLD
If you're blacking out your interior on an AT, don't forget the buttons. These are $55 new.

5. Perrin small slim glossy black shift knob for Automatic Transmission (AT) - SOLD
Shift knob is in nice shape, with only small signs of wear. Comes in the original bag with instructions, allen wrench, and optional sticker to place over the top. 1.6" diameter. Adjustable height with locking bolt. Very nice feel. Nice simple upgrade. These are about $56 new.

6. Gasket Ninja Tail Light Gaskets for 2013-2016 FR-S and BRZ - SOLD
Brand new die-cut neoprene replacement gaskets for your tail lights. Thicker than OEM. These are $25 new.

7. JPM Coachworks OEM Gauge Cluster Cover - SOLD
Nice upgrade for the FR-S or BRZ owner that has the ugly plastic over the gauge cluster. This is an OEM cluster wrapped in Alcantara. No longer being made. Very nice condition. Simple install. These were $110 new.

8. JPM Coachworks Alcantara Knee Pads - SOLD
These padded alcantara knee pads go along the center console and are really nice. Very nice condition. No longer being made. These were $135 new.

9. Subaru OEM Trunk Lid Liner - SOLD
For some reason, the FR-S didn't get a trunk lid liner. The BRZ liner fits perfectly. Very nice condition. Includes all hardware. Super simple install. These are about $43 new.

10. Stark Performance Paddle Shifter Extensions for Automatic Transmission (AT) - SOLD
Really nice enhancement for the paddles on your automatic FR-S or BRZ. Good condition. Comes with brand new pre-cut 3M strips for a super easy install. These are $50 new.

Email me:
Location: Berkeley, CA
Payment: Cash in person. Paypal if shipping.

Shipping: Will only ship if you purchase $50 or more.
Buyer pays shipping. Email me your address for a quote.
Will not ship #9 trunk lid liner due to lack of a box that size.