Who turns you on to music: Aquarius

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a friend with similar taste that turns you on to music. Or perhaps there’s a radio station or DJ that you like. Maybe even a magazine or website. For those exploring the outer limits of jazz, avant-rock, world, and noise, Aquarius Records in San Francisco might be your new best friend. I’ve been a big fan of their once or twice a month new arrivals list for about 5-6 years now. I wouldn’t know about some of my favorite CDs if it wasn’t for their great list.

The list includes descriptions of new releases along with a few tracks of MP3 samples from most items. Here’s the latest list, there’s also an archive. Each staff member has varying interests, from bizarre field recordings to black metal. From local folk singers to brutal noise from far away lands. It’s fun to get to know their tastes. They’re also nice people in person. Give their list a listen sometime. You might find yourself obsessing over Conet Project MP3s, or getting down to Ethiopiques MP3s.

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