Flat Dog: Toys in the kitchen

Flat Dog on the griddle -- by Joe Reifer

Flat Dog on the griddle — by Joe Reifer

On Friday I dropped by Attaboy’s Yumfactory. Atta is an amazing artist who runs Hi Fructose Magazine with the also amazing Annie Owens. I picked up two toys to potentially shoot for the next issue of Hi Fructose. The photo above is of “Flat Dog.” I don’t know anything about the toy, other than it makes me crack up. In the first concept, I tried to shoot him on an ironing board — but the shot really needed a vintage iron, and I didn’t have time to shop for one. This morning we were making pancakes here at headquarters, and a light bulb went off — flat dog on the griddle with a stack of pancakes.

The shot was conceived, arranged, lit, and post-processed in a little under 2 hours. The lighting setup was a diffused beauty dish on a boom arm over the stove, with a silver reflector for fill. The aperture was bracketed to get the dog in focus, but have the back of the stove slightly blurred to keep the attention on the toy. The shot was really done as a backup for the other toy I shot, a small clear toy called Rolito Boy. The Rolito Boy shot also turned out well, and Attaboy was enthusiastic about the results. I’ll post the Rolito shot, and some lighting setup shots in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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