One thought on “Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom”

  1. The interesting part of the story that NPR missed is that while NPR was on Ellis island interviewing Stephen Wilkes, they didn’t even notice the photography exhibit in the main hall of the Ellis Island museum. It is the work of Christopher Barnes. Mr Barnes began photographing the hospital and contagious disease wards of Ellis Island more than 15 years before Stephen Wilkes. He received a National Endowment for the Arts grant to do so. His work has been exhibited not only in the Ellis Island museum (on special and permanent display), but also in the Fogg Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, and is funded by the Save Ellis Island Foundation. Mr Wilkes came along just 5 years ago, and is taking most of the credit. Sort of sad I think. Mr Barnes’ work is featured on the following links: and

    They are worth a look, and and more than a mention.


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