A productive year pt I

As the end of 2006 draws near, I was thinking back on all the fun I’ve had shooting at night and doing urban exploration this year. I photographed during 10 of the 12 full moons this year, including multiple nights some months. Friends in the San Francisco Bay Area night photography and urban exploration community really came through with some great photography locations this year. I would particularly like to thank Riki Feldmann, Steve Walsh, Troy Paiva, Tim Baskerville, Todd Lapin, and Gunnar H. for location assistance.

From a digital asset management (DAM) perspective, the year in review process was made quite simple by using iView Media Pro to sort images in my 2006 catalog that were rated 2 stars or higher. The benefits of being organized are immeasurable sometimes. I hope you all had a wonderful year and made some great images.

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