Behind the curtain: Amazon Associates

I always enjoy supporting my local bookstore and record store. When they don’t have stuff, I’ll order from Tough to beat the selection, prices, and free shipping. If you have a blog, maybe you know about Amazon Associates. The program is simple — use special referral links on your website to send people to Amazon products, and you get a cut if they make a purchase. The referral fee is usually 4% of the sale.

I often recommend books and music, and I do it from the heart. I started blogging a few months ago to learn more about photography, showcase my own work, and the work of other photographers. I am pulling back the blogging curtain today to tell you about Amazon Associates because I want you to know I’m a super duper witch doctor with good intentions (bonus points for beat generation fans who get the Kerouac reference here).

I’m always happy when someone buys something that I’ve recommended. Maybe this feeling comes from working in record stores during high school and college — turning people on to interesting music was always the best part of the job.

Holiday delivery with free shipping is still available from Amazon until Friday. I wish Shri Camel was in stock — this Terry Riley CD hasn’t left my CD player for 3 weeks. Anyhow, I hope your holiday season is a relaxing time that you spend with friends and family. And I hope there’s at least one new, great photography book in your hands between now and 2007.

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