Napping in front of Spenger’s

Napping in front of Spenger’s — by Joe Reifer

When out walking around, how much time do you take to stop and make an image? The photo above is from yesterday afternoon, in front of a restaurant in a busy shopping district. I saw the dog from across the street, crossed, and just stood there for a minute to see if the dog was going to pay any attention to me. Luckily, he was too busy napping. I setup a pinhole camera on a tripod, and made two images from different angles. Exposures were about 2 seconds.

Then I shot a few images of the napping dog obstructing people from coming in and out of the restaurant. This was very entertaining. The dog stretched, rolled over, and everything lined up for a more pleasing image. I made sure my reflection wasn’t in the door, and waited until there was no traffic going by so there wouldn’t be a car reflection — keeping the door dark keeps the attention on the dog.

Sometimes you get it on the first shot, sometimes it takes some more work. If a scene grabs your attention, stay for a minute and see what happens.