RSS: Keeping track

How do you keep track of all the great photography blogs out there? Still using a bunch of bookmarks to look at your favorite sites? This may be old hat for some of you, but I’m constantly surprised when I mention RSS, and people say “what is RSS?”

RSS is Really Simple Syndication, often referred to as a feed or news feed. RSS allows you to see the latest posts from your favorite websites all on one customizable page. There are a wide variety of free RSS tools to help you stay organized. If you have a Yahoo account, there’s My Yahoo. Some other feedreaders include: Bloglines, NewsGator, Netvibes, and Rojo. I’m currently using My Yahoo, but I’m partial to the look and feel of Netvibes and may switch.

Right now I’ve got over 30 blogs in my RSS reader, and most of them are about photography. A quick glance in the morning, and I can see who’s updated their site. You can also add other handy info like weather reports and email notification to your RSS page.

Speaking of updating, I’ll be on a road trip next week. If I’ve got web access out in the desert, I’ll upload a few photos. Look for more articles starting in January, when I’ll be back on a 3x’s per week publishing schedule. Just check your RSS reader for the latest updates. Thanks for tuning in, and happy holidays.

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