Shutterbabe Book Giveaway

The other night I had a beer with photographer Richard Sintchak, who gave me a copy of the book Shutterbabe: Adventures in Love and War. We decided that after I’d read the book I should pass it on to another photographer. If you’re interested in photojournalism, and you’d like this book to show up in your mailbox for free, please answer these three questions in the comments field:

  1. Alex Webb is well known for his photographs of what Carribean country?
  2. A famous photojournalist referred to as “Jim” in the book documents the conditions of Romanian orphans — who might this be?
  3. Do you, or have you ever owned a photo vest — if so, what color?

I reserve the right to give away the book to whomever provides the best answer, not necessarily the first answer. Comments on this post will close this evening.

4 thoughts on “Shutterbabe Book Giveaway”

  1. Are the questions too tough, or are you just holding your collective noses at the book? I’ll giveaway question #2 with this interesting interview from digital journalist. Really, it’s question #3 that I’m most interested in. :)

  2. Hi Joe– Okay, I’ll stop lurking and try an answer…

    1. I know Alex Webb photographed Haiti and Cuba, but I’m not sure which one he is best known for…
    2. James Nachtwey :) I’ve seen a lot of his work, and his photos are powerful and heartbreaking.
    3. Nope, no vest. I use a trashed old army surplus bag. It’s green.


  3. 1. Haiti

    2. James Nachtwey

    3. No, and I never will own a vest. My wife has very clear instructions to stuff a pillow over my mouth while I’m sleeping if I ever come home with a photographer’s vest.

    Andy Frazer

  4. Andy’s answer to #3 was funnier, but Angelique gets points for de-lurking and not having a fancy camera bag. Comments are now closed for this post.

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