Photography News: Cameras, Lightroom, marketing

  • Adobe Lightroom Beta expiries February 28. Version 1.0 will be $199 if you have the beta, $299 if you don’t. More info from Adobe about Lightroom.
  • Two great sites to learn about and buy vintage medium format folding cameras
  • My friend, comedian extraordinaire Will Franken was on the RU Sirius Show last week. Will’s free podcasts are highly recommended
  • Fine art photography marketing guru Mary Virginia Swanson has a blog
  • WordPress 2.1 has been released and includes autosave, spellcheck, XML import export & more

One thought on “Photography News: Cameras, Lightroom, marketing”

  1. Thanks for link to the Certo6 site. I have a great Zeiss-Ikon Ikonta B (6×6) folding camera that needs a little bit of service. I’m contacting him about an estimate.

    Andy Frazer

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