We’re one month in to 2007. Did you finish your photography goals for the year yet? Mine are still in draft form. I’m amazed by how much my priorities have changed in just a month. I’ve scheduled some time on the calendar after this week’s full moon to finalize my goals.

Every year I set an equipment budget. I have my kit pretty sorted these days, but I still like to experiment with gear. I decided to put myself to a test this year. No buying or selling of lenses and cameras for the first quarter of 2007. That’s right, on April Fool’s day, all hell breaks loose.

Looking back over my expenditures for 2006, setting my budget for 2007, and knowing I can’t buy anything for 3 months has been great. I’ve been really focused on shooting. Well, that and the 14 other things listed in photographer Jay Watson‘s comments the other day. Gear ideas seem to arise and pass away quickly. One camera and a lens is all you really need to take photos, right?

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