When I meet someone for the first time, I don’t ask “what do you do,” I ask a much more important question:

What is your favorite Coen Brothers movie?

If you can’t pick just one, what are your top two or three? Is The Big Lebowski is on your list? It’s definitely on mine. I photographed the first two West Coast Lebowski Fest events in 2004 and 2005, and had a great time. The next Fest is in Seattle, on March 9-10, and those dudes know how to throw a party.

Here is February’s giveaway contest prize. A brand new size large Lebowski Fest Abide T-shirt, designed by artist Bill Green. Just answer these three questions.

  1. What is your favorite Coen Brothers movie?
  2. What street artist’s campaign is the Abide design an homage to?
  3. How many times is the f-word spoken in The Big Lebowski?

I’d like to give the shirt away to a regular reader of this blog, who is a truly fan of the Dude. You don’t necessarily even need the correct answers to win, just the best answer. So grab a cup of Folger’s coffee, and may the best nihilist win, man.

5 thoughts on “Abide”

  1. this has got to be one of the weirdest coincidences – or maybe not. whatever. as it happens, the only coen bros. film i’ve never seen (no, i don’t know how that happened – it’s a mysterious universe, after all) is ‘the big lebowski’. horrified by that strange happenstance, one of my best friends, a brilliant singer/songwriter by the name of patsy o’brien, attempted to correct that perversion of order and propriety and presented me with the dvd at christmas.

    well, i just sat down and watched it tonight, and, no less than 20 minutes into it, i was convinced that it was one of the best movies i’d ever seen.

    then, 10 minutes after the movie ended, while i was idly perusing the internets, i stumble on your blog posting about the film. though, i don’t recognize the street artist in question, and i didn’t (at least on first viewing) count the number of times the word fuck (or one of it’s derivatives) was used, i can say enthusiastically that it is now one of my favorite fims of all time.

    how about that?


  2. Well, dude, you just earned yourself a T-shirt. I promise not to send a ringer. Comments are now closed for this contest. Here’s the answers:

    The Abide design is an homage to Shepherd Fairey’s Obey design.

    The IMDB trivia page says: “The word “fuck” and its variations were spoken 281 times in this movie.”



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