Photography News: Low angle, 5D sensor cleaning, cameras, Jeff Wall

  • I’m not a big sports fan, but Peter Read Miller’s low angle football shots are stunning.
  • Some alarming news about cleaning the Canon 5D sensor with the Copperhill method. I’ve used the wet method only when necessary on the 20D and 10D. Apparently the sensor cover on the 5D can be more delicate.
  • Talk about large format, did you know there is a Polaroid 20×24″ camera in San Francisco? Film is $75 per exposure.
  • The Fotoman 612 looks like a really fun camera. A simple medium format panoramic camera that takes wide angle large format lenses. A 65mm lens would be equivalent to 20mm horizontally and diagonally, and 28mm vertically in the 35mm format.
  • And if you missed the Jeff Wall discussion, see dispatches, Alec Soth, and The Landscapist.