Velvet Knights

Velvet Knights — by Joe Reifer

I’ve just returned from a road trip out to the Mojave Desert with my friend Troy Paiva. We shot at about 6 locations on Friday night with photographer B Sherman, including a great abandoned cafe. After some location scouting and daytime shooting on Saturday, Troy and I shot at a complex of buildings that formerly housed a large general store and garages. Cold nights, a big full moon, and a lot of fun shootin’. I’ll be posting photos from the trip over the next week or two over on Flickr.

The image above is a former Velvet Knights junior drum corps tour bus that was parked out in a field. Have a look at a 1988 performance video.

Big thanks to B Sherman for the hospitality during the March full moon out in the Mojave. More photos soon.

2 thoughts on “Velvet Knights”

  1. Would love to point some Velvet Knights alumni to your page–this is a great shot. would you mind terribly if we linked it?

  2. Go for it! If any Velvet Knights alumni know more about these buses out in the Mojave I’d love to hear more info on when they were used & how they ended up there.



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