Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior

I finally saw the 2003 martial arts action movie Ong-Bak – The Thai Warrior last night. The star of the film, Tony Jaa, is a stunning performer. A preview for the film claims the martial arts hero lineage goes from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and now to Tony Jaa. I would not argue this point with Mr. Jaa.

In the tradition of Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa performs all the stunts himself with no wires, safety nets, or computer effects. You may need to remind yourself of this fact when you see the film. While a little bit of the choreography could have been slightly more polished, the raw power and energy of the fight scenes is devastating. If you’re a fan of martial arts movies, Ong Bak is a must see. I can’t wait to watch Jaa’s 2006 film The Protector.

3 thoughts on “Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior”

  1. I watched The Protector last night. Y’all were right – some great stunts and fight scenes, but not as good as Ong Bak.

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