Steve Harper: Self Asleep 4.5 Hours

Self Asleep 4.5 Hours, Potrero Hill, San Francisco, 1984 — by Steve Harper

Last October I blogged about night photographer Steve Harper, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. In addition to his website, Steve has recently started a blog, and has been posting images on Flickr.

Last year at the Mono Lake Night Photography Workshop, Steve talked about how he made the Self Asleep image above by using a very low wattage bulb that was further dimmed by diffusing the overhead lamp. Such a haunting and ethereal image.

3 thoughts on “Steve Harper: Self Asleep 4.5 Hours”

  1. Hi, Joe: I just noticed that you had blogged the Self Asleep image. And, of course, I just read it. You are a very nice man, so you must know that I appreciate your kindness very much.

    I wish I knew how to use flickr other than the rudimentary things I have done, but it just confuses the hell out of me. A lot of it is because of the difficulty I have reading because of my eyesight – but even so, I always feel dumb when I try to do something repeatedly and end up frustrated.

    Thank you, Joe. I hope to see you and Susanna and Andy, et al., soon. I had hoped to go to Susanna’s reception the other day, but – the eyes again got in the way of being able to do it.

    Best – Steve

  2. ps: I just saw the response from Charity Vargas about the Persimmon Tree. Thank you, Charity!
    Isn’t it nice when all these nice things are being said behind your back?

    Best – Steve

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