Steve Harper: Self Asleep 4.5 Hours

Self Asleep 4.5 Hours, Potrero Hill, San Francisco, 1984 — by Steve Harper

Last October I blogged about night photographer Steve Harper, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. In addition to his website, Steve has recently started a blog, and has been posting images on Flickr.

Last year at the Mono Lake Night Photography Workshop, Steve talked about how he made the Self Asleep image above by using a very low wattage bulb that was further dimmed by diffusing the overhead lamp. Such a haunting and ethereal image.

3 thoughts on “Steve Harper: Self Asleep 4.5 Hours

  1. I loved this photo when I first saw it as part of a slide show/lecture given by Tim Baskerville of the Nocturnes. My favorite Steven Harper so far is Persimmon Tree, Windsor, CA, 1987.
    The orange gel lighting up the fruit and the deep blue sky streaked with star trails with that desolate weedy foreground…

  2. Hi, Joe: I just noticed that you had blogged the Self Asleep image. And, of course, I just read it. You are a very nice man, so you must know that I appreciate your kindness very much.

    I wish I knew how to use flickr other than the rudimentary things I have done, but it just confuses the hell out of me. A lot of it is because of the difficulty I have reading because of my eyesight – but even so, I always feel dumb when I try to do something repeatedly and end up frustrated.

    Thank you, Joe. I hope to see you and Susanna and Andy, et al., soon. I had hoped to go to Susanna’s reception the other day, but – the eyes again got in the way of being able to do it.

    Best – Steve

  3. ps: I just saw the response from Charity Vargas about the Persimmon Tree. Thank you, Charity!
    Isn’t it nice when all these nice things are being said behind your back?

    Best – Steve

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