First Quarterly Report

The first quarter is over. A few months ago, I vowed not to buy or sell any photo gear until April Fool’s Day. Amazingly, I haven’t bought anything yet — I’m thinking about getting rid of a few more things. Then again, I’m still thinking about getting a Leica M8. If I could do night photography with the M8, I’d probably have one already.

Anyhow, the first quarter of the year has been eventful, and not at all what I planned or expected. Some project ideas lay untouched, and other interesting shoots have come out of the woodwork. Here are some highlights:

  • Photographer Troy Paiva and I discovered an acre of rotting food out in the Mojave. Just another crazy scene out in the desert. Then MSNBC noticed the photos on Flickr, and did an investigation that lead to a cleanup effort.
  • I’ve been reporting on books by photographers associated with the New Topographics.
  • I had a great time hanging out with painter and sculptor Mars-1 during a photoshoot for Hi Fructose Magazine.
  • I had my first print offer on this blog. This print is still available if you’re interested. Look for print offer #2 soon. Let me know if there’s a recent image you’d like to see offered.
  • I’ve been reading John Harrington’s blog — the most honest and informative photography business blog online.
  • Most importantly, I’ve made night images at some great locations every full moon this year, and enjoyed hanging out with some really cool people – I am especially grateful to photographer Brian Sherman for his hospitality on my December and March visits to the Mojave. Keep an eye on my main website and Flickr for the latest images. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “First Quarterly Report”

  1. I’m doing a nyc rangefinder shoot tomorrow with some fellas and one of them will be rolling with a M8. I’ll let you know what he thinks…
    Thanks for an informative and visual 1st quarter!

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