High Dive

High Dive — by Joe Reifer

Andy Frazer and I each invited a few friends to this Alameda night shoot, and a total of eight photographers were there at one point.

I wasn’t going to post this image of an abandoned runway tower, as I made what I thought were two much stronger images that night. But many of the folks in the group shot this tower, and I thought it would be interesting to see the variety of images.

The light pollution on the tower was extremely hot. Exposures for digital or slide film were short – 4 minutes at f/11 ISO 100. I am pleased with how the boat masts lined up behind the tower in the background. I thought about cropping slightly from the top due to the star trail that’s breaking the frame, but decided to leave it. The boat at the left side of the frame is the same one that’s in this shot I posted a few days back.

4 thoughts on “High Dive”

  1. Joe,

    First, one of the things I love about night photography (more so than other forms of photography… for some strange reason) is to see how different photographers come back with different images of the same subject. I’m glad you posted this because it’s great to see how different people shot this same light tower (and I expect we’ll get to see more photographers’ interpretations of the same tower in the next week or so).

    Second, in the spirit of Steve Harper’s Rock up in Yosemite, I propose we name this tower ourselves. Someone should think up a name; maybe an anacronym of everyone who showed up that night.

    Third, I like your version of this tower better than mine; primarily because you used the boats along the bottom of the image. Nice work!


  2. Hi Andy,

    Instead of everyone lining up next to each other to shoot the sunset, we all line up separately to shoot an abadoned airfield tower for 4 minutes in the dark. Makes perfect sense. Ha ha.

    My shot is a straight RAW conversion. It needs some foreground cement dodging and burning, and sky contrast optimization to reveal more star trails. But yeah, the boats really worked for me.

    Let me know when more people post shots of the yet to be named tower.



  3. No luck with the anacronym (for your first name initials) – JARS (and, that’s it for the 4 people mentioned) – however, if we draw from the few letters of each of your last names it yields: “Reisinwafra” – hm-m-m, sounds just Germanic enuf to be interesting, considering the military connotations of photographing such a site.

    I’ve GOT to find other things to do on Friday nights!

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