Bearings: Jon Haeber

Play — by Jon Haeber

I spent a couple hours hanging out with photographer and writer Jon Haeber last night, who kindly let me test drive his flatbed scanner and check out his 4×5 processing setup. Jon has a real passion for urban exploration, and often does research to find out more about the history of locations. Jon doesn’t just look stuff up online, he goes to the library and really does some digging to find out more about the locations he photographs. He showed me a 1910 postcard from Byron Hotsprings, an abandoned resort that we’ve both shot at night a few times.

Jon’s writing and photography can be seen on his excellent blog, Bearings. He also posts images to Flickr under the name Tunnelbug, including both daytime urban exploration photos and long exposure night photography.

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  1. Pleasantly surprised to see an RSS feed that looked familiar this morning :-). Thanks for the writeup. Coincidentally I’m working on a research project on the an abandoned Marconi Station. Soon, within the next week or two, there will be a three-part entry in Bearings on it.

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