Photography News: Sumo, DAM, and other dilemnas

  • Rob Galbraith visits Canon in Japan, including an interesting look at the technology behind the 1D Mk III, and a 1D and 200/1.8L made out of wood.
  • Coverage of the 22 megapixel Mamiya ZD over at Photography Blog.
  • Significant improvements to Lightroom discussed over on The DAM Book forums.
  • Calibrating color in Photoshop and/or Lightroom from Chromoholics over on Luminous Landscape.
  • Dan Heller looks at the psychology behind keywording on smugmug and elsehwere and explains the prisoner’s dilemna.

One thought on “Photography News: Sumo, DAM, and other dilemnas”

  1. Joe,

    Thanks for the link to Rob Galbraith’s trip to Canon Japan. I found this bit really interesting:

    Canon intends to offer a new file format in future digital cameras, says Masaya Maeda, Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations for Canon. The format could be in addition to or in replacement of either JPEG or CR2 RAW, but the company is still studying its options and hasn’t committed to any one format as yet.

    As much as we like to think that a RAW file contains everything it possibly could contain, I guess it was inevitable that someday it is going to be superceded by something else. Just one more reason for all of us to keep up to speed on the DNG format and workflows…


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