4 thoughts on “Elgin Nights”

  1. I’m confused Joe. Is there a reason that your posting photos from other photographers on your own blog? At quick glance, one would think that this is a photo of yours. Just a photo with nothing else except for the tag line. But why post another photographer’s images if you’re not going to say something about them?

    Looking for clarity…

  2. Latoga – There’s no reason to be confused. The photo credit is clear. I feature images from other photographers somewhat regularly because I want to share and promote their outstanding work.

    I could drone on about the curves in the hills having a great leading line to the windmill, or complementary blue/orange tones of foreground/sky, or excellent light painting on the windmill and how it interacts with the clouds — Steve’s image is exemplary of the beauty and mystery of shooting at night.

    The “No Words” featuring of photographs simply presents images I like. Hope you enjoy them, too.



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