Gym (#38)

Gym (#38) — by Joe Reifer

The gym at an abandoned military base that has been closed for over 20 years. The net was still on the hoop. There was a projection booth behind the camera position — apparently the gym served double duty as a movie theater. There was a bat flying around in the projection booth.

The pattern on the floor to the left is from moonlight coming in the window. The rest of the room was dark. The shot was lit from 45 degrees behind the camera position on the right with one half power strobe pop bounced off the ceiling, one off the floor, one off the back wall, and one directly into the room.

5 thoughts on “Gym (#38)”

  1. Thanks for describing the light set-up. It seems to have just a tiny tilt to the right… is that from the room itself, or intentional to give it more feeling of decay?

  2. Hi Robert – the slight asymmetry was due to the camera position, not the room. Thanks for noticing — it made me think about why I set the camera where I did – almost squared-up but just slightly off seemed to work for the location.



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