Photography News: Editorial work, Japan, Epson, Bergman, Lost Frog

Obelisk (#19) — by Joe Reifer

  • Andrew Hetherington discusses an ongoing debate about the editorial work done by fine art photographers over on Whats the Jackanory? including a recent portrait by night photographer Todd Hido
  • I discovered the wonderful blog recently in a post about Rinko Kawauchi on Alec Soth’s blog. Soth has been part of the fine art photographer’s editorial photography debate mentioned above.
  • The new high-end Epson printers are discussed over on Luminous Landscape
  • Did Bill Walsh and Ingmar Bergman dying on the same day strike you as interesting?
  • Please help Terry find his Hopkin Green Frog (via Bummer Life)

3 thoughts on “Photography News: Editorial work, Japan, Epson, Bergman, Lost Frog”

  1. Andy, I was just about to point out the news about Antonioni. The significance of two great directors dying within hours of each other is very interesting, but I imagine it will be buried in the U.S. (and esp. the Bay area) by the Walsh news.

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