Pacific Pinball Expo, Lucky Ju Ju, NBAM

Fancy Dan -- by Joe Reifer

Fancy Dan — by Joe Reifer

Last weekend’s Pacific Pinball Exposition was completely amazing. Here are my favorite photos from the event. When was the last art show you went to where over 250 vintage works were on display, and you could play them? Pinball has never lost its childhood magic for me, and Alameda’s Lucky Ju Ju pinball gallery has been the source of many good times over the past few years.

The Lucky Ju Ju gang has figured out how to wrap art, history, science, and entertainment into a pure, fun-filled package. Lucky Ju Ju’s kingpin Michael Schiess is planning to take things to the next level with plans for the Neptune Beach Amusement Museum (NBAM). If you’re in the Bay Area, please support your local pinball arcadium. Lucky Ju Ju is open Friday and Saturday from 6pm-midnight. You can also rent the Ju Ju for parties, or have the pinball come to you in the Lil’ Juju — a 1947 Spartan trailer equipped with 6 pinball machines!

2 thoughts on “Pacific Pinball Expo, Lucky Ju Ju, NBAM”

  1. That’s awesome! I love pinball. I recall the days in college at SJSU when I would skip class and play the “Funhouse” pinball in the Student Union. I’d be scoring so high that I couldn’t walk away and I’d miss my next class…often two.

  2. I’ve been to Lucky Ju Ju’s twice (both, thanks to you), and I had a blast. I highly recommend it, even if you think you’re only marginally interested in pinball.


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