Photography News: Townsley, Holga, Monroe, Yahoo, Leica

There's no place like home -- by Joe Reifer

There’s no place like home — by Joe Reifer

  • Battery Townsley, a World War II fort in the Marin Headlands, has been restored. You can take a tour on the 2nd Sunday of the month between 2-4pm.
  • I got a Holgamods 35mm camera recently and it works great. The camera is permanently modified to shoot 35mm film, and the modification allows you to rewind the film inside the camera. No more bringing a changing bag into the field to rewind the film. Because the Holga is 120 format the film is exposed all the way to the edges across the sprocket holes.
  • The fight over the rights to photos of Marilyn Monroe has been going on for a long time. NPR covers the dead celebrities photography bill that Schwarzenegger just signed into law.
  • This Wall Street Journal article about a work of public art outside Yahoo headquarters cracked me up. Man vs. nature + artist vs. corporation = don’t miss this one!
  • A few months back I told the story of trying to get Leica to do a CLA on a lens. Just wanted to report that I sent the lens to John Van Stelten at Focal Point in Colorado, and he did a great job on the CLA.