Photography News: Bartos, 4×5, Monsters, Stock, Gohlke

2 thoughts on “Photography News: Bartos, 4×5, Monsters, Stock, Gohlke”

  1. Interesting video. He’s really thorough.

    Something I thought about while watching the video was my experience at the airport. Walking through security the first time, I wanted to ensure that the x-ray machine wouldn’t affect the film, so I was told by the security personnell that that I could ask for the box to be hand inspected (it was a tiny 10-exposure box — definitely something that couldn’t hold a bomb or weapon).

    So i asked the security to hand inspect it, rather than send it through the x-ray machine. BIG mistake. a whole set of about 20-25 exposures, wasted. The idiots opened the box, and I kept telling them to stop — that there was film inside, and they wouldn’t listen. They opened the box and ruined my entire set.

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