Photography News: Zeroville, Robert Adams, Todd Hido, The Shot

Steve Erickson -- Zeroville

  • Cinephiles and fans of paranoid fiction take note – Steve Erickson’s Zeroville gets my vote for book of the year. In chapter 226 you’ll find my favorite movie, Le Samourai. Erickson is a brilliant, underrated writer. Even with superlatives on his book jackets from Pynchon and Lethem, he somehow still hasn’t caught on.
  • If literature and film are not enough, try kung fu (via Bummer Life)
  • Robert Adams interviews and slideshows on PBS (via Amy Stein)
  • Night photographers – don’t miss 5B4′s look at the books of Todd Hido
  • But who cares about art when you can just watch The Shot, right?

6 thoughts on “Photography News: Zeroville, Robert Adams, Todd Hido, The Shot”

  1. “The Shot” is terrible photography, but great drama. I can’t get enough of it (honestly). If nothing else, I can mock and jeer and yell at the television when I’m watching it.

  2. 5B4 doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the “tired old genre of night photography” (his words, not mine). Although I agree with his comments about Hido’s first two books.

  3. Glad someone picked up on the 5B4 interview. Wish I had more time to strike up a friendly conversation about that perspective not being fair to my chosen genre.

    – JR

  4. I winced a bit, too, when I read 5B4′s “tired old genre” assessment of night photography, but what of his reasoning:

    “The problem with most night photography is that the photographers get too seduced by the gimmick alone and fail to actually make pictures that transcend the technical process.”

    Surely we’ve all seen NP that fits this description. Might he have a point?

  5. Hi John,

    There are cliche photos in every sub-genre of photography – that doesn’t necessarily mean the bulk of the photos in a sub-genre are cliche. Is there really enough night photography out there for it to be a “tired old genre?” I mean if you throw out a few hundred people on Flickr who are trying to make photos like Troy Paiva, who is left? :)



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