Lost America on Artland

My friend Troy Paiva was featured on the British TV show Artland. Troy talks about abandoned places night photography (APNP) being about death, decay, and entropy in this 5 minute video.

Artland: “Just you, on your own, out in the middle of the desert, by an abandoned building. You don’t watch many horror films then?”

Troy: “I don’t believe in horror films.”

What about Evil Dead II, Troy?

One thought on “Lost America on Artland”

  1. Well, except for Evil Dead 2 . . .
    Lots of the original interview ended up on the cutting room floor. The full answer is that part of what makes work like mine so evocative is all the training we’ve had by horror films: we’ve been programed from a very early age to be scared in these places, but on their own, they are not scary. For me they are more lonely instead of scary.

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