Diana+: Return of the Diana camera

The classic 120 format Diana camera is back, but with a twist — you can unscrew the lens to convert the Diana+ into a superwide pinhole camera. The camera shoots 12x 5.2cm square exposures per roll, 16x 4.2cm square exposures per roll, or in “endless panorama” format with minimal frame spacing in the 4.2cm format.

Long exposure shooters take note, the new Diana has a bulb exposure mode, shutter lock, and a tripod thread. The Lomographic Society has the specs, a history of the Diana, and photos of the amazing Dietrich Collection. You can purchase the camera directly from lomography.com, or it’s also currently in stock at B&H Photo – looks like $50 well spent. Anyone know what the pinhole size is?

5 thoughts on “Diana+: Return of the Diana camera”

  1. Yeah, my online buddies have been chatting about these endlessly- and despite being an OLD Diana (Diana minus??) afficionado, my skepticism is weakening. The pinhole does sound fun, since you can swap for the lens at will mid-roll.

    Don’t know the specs, but I hear exposures on 400 iso are in the zone of 10 seconds in bright daylight, maybe 20+ in duller conditions.

    Enjoyed seeing your blog

  2. How did this slip by me?! I’m ashamed to say that I work at B&H. Well I just ordered one and I will definitely put it through some tests this weekend and compare it to the old Diana…which is still loaded with Trix right now!

  3. I really enjoy your blog, and thanks for this tip. I just ordered two of them to add to my Diana original.

  4. Don – 10 seconds with 400 ISO sounds like a small pinhole aperture. And the name “Diana minus” is Hilarious.

    Gabe – I expect a full report soon!

    Mark – Great to hear from you – Maybe our new Dianas will meet up sometime in 2008!



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