Photography News: Negative, WWJB?, Nikon 14-24mm, Jandek, Tags

Looking Glass Photo's "Think Negative" track jacket

Looking Glass Photo’s “Think Negative” track jacket

  • I dropped by Looking Glass Photo in Berkeley to buy some film and check out the new Diana camera. I couldn’t pass up their new “Think Negative” design, emblazoned with a Leica, and their store name on the back. The stylish, comfortable 100% cotton jacket is made by American Apparel, and retails for $39.99. They also have T-Shirts and various other products – the perfect gift for the cynical photographer on your list.
  • Or perhaps the best cure for your holiday shopping problems is to see film What Would Jesus Buy? There’s an interview with Reverend Billy in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Yesterday I was rocking out to Jandek’s first album, Ready for the House. This morning NPR featured an article and 8 minute story on Jandek. If you’re intrigued by the NPR piece, the documentary DVD Jandek on Corwood is a fascinating look into this strange, reclusive, musical enigma who has released 51 albums, and recently played a few live concerts.
  • While the Nikon D3 and Canon 1DS MkIII continue to elicit a lot of chatter, the most interesting issue with these new cameras is they may outresolve your lenses. Wide angles have especially been a problem in the corners for previous Canon full frame cameras. Could Nikon’s new 14-24mm lens be the wide angle solution for landscape and architectural shooters?
  • A Photo Editor looks at how we describe photographers. Quite an interesting taxonomical riff on Alec Soth’s previous article of great importance, the sentence.

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  1. Hi Joe,

    I know this is late, but thanks for mentioning our Think Negative ware. We got about 30 hits off your blog. We are pretty excited to have a new line after three years with our former design, the Film Is Not Dead shirts, which made it all around the world.

    Take care and Happy New Year, and thanks for being a customer.

    Bruce Kaplan
    Looking Glass Photo

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