2 thoughts on “Bombs over flowers”

  1. I must say that while I was instantly attracted to S. Walsh’s picture of the same locale, this one much more closely portrays what I know ‘night’ to be. I appreciate that this picture seems more ‘real’ even though the jet still has an element of the surreal/alien about it.

    I could ramble on about the vapor trails, (I assume) star trails and other picture elements but I’d rather just ask if you’d be interested in a picture swap?

  2. Hi Mark -

    Getting a night look with slightly underexposed slide film is much easier than digital. The post-processing strategy for digital night photography that’s worked best for me is to shoot the same scene with film and digital, and then use the film as a reference. After doing this procedure a few times, digital night work becomes easier to tone appropriately.

    I’m planning to drum scan this image and print it after the holidays — a print swap would be great — I just have to ask, is your rotting “Asparagus #2″ a post-modern answer to Edward Weston?



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