Words: Best of 2007 part II

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2 thoughts on “Words: Best of 2007 part II”

  1. It certainly has been a busy year! I’ve definitely enjoyed your posts and look forward to more in 2008!
    However, a few year end questions:
    Are you making prints of all your blog pictures?
    Have you ever though of making a blog book on blurb? Check out:

    I’ve been thinking of fun ways to archive the blog and of course celebrate the years end and new beginnings…

  2. Thanks – having a few photographers whose work I respect comment here helps with the motivation.

    I’m only printing selectively, but one of my goals for 2008 is to make more work prints – and to pin them up on the wall for contemplation, instead of the monitor.

    A friend recently got a book from blurb – I was pleasantly surprised with the price/quality ratio. I may experiment with using a such an option for a portable portfolio, but I am less interested in putting words into print than pictures.

    All the best to you in 2008, and hope to see you in the Spring in NYC!

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