Twin Castle (Winter): Blog vs. Website

Twin Castle (Winter) -- by Joe Reifer

Twin Castle (Winter) — by Joe Reifer

The standard blog format works well for viewing images in the vertical, portrait format (scroll down for examples). The horiztonal scrolling website convention is typically a better showcase for images in landscape orientation. The image above is 480 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. On the Strange Visions section of my website you can view the image at 670 pixels wide by 420 pixels high. The extra pixels make a noticeable difference.

Viewing images in portrait orientation on a landscape orientation device (i.e., a computer monitor) is a design issue that I’m not sure has been solved elegantly. Sure you can resort to a “2-up,” with two vertical images filling the space of a horizontal, but should using a rectangular container force you into a diptych? The blog format seems like a better container for vertical images than many portfolio websites I’ve seen. Food for thought.