Photography News: f295 Conference, Desert America, John Divola, Online Backup

Mustang and Datsun 510 -- by Joe Reifer

Mustang and Datsun 510 — by Joe Reifer

  • Get your pinhole on at the f295 Symposium: An examination of lensless, alternative, and adaptive processes, May 29-June 1, in Pittsburgh, PA. The f295 event offers reasonably priced alternative process workshops including wet plate collodion and daguerreotype. Sounds fun!
  • I’ve just finished reading a great book called Desert America: Territory of Paradox. This cleanly designed panoramic format book briefly examines some interesting slices of desert life including sprawl, Salton Sea, snowbirds, Nevada Test Site, etc. – fans of CLUI will want to have a look.
  • PhotoAlliance is presenting a lecture by John Divola on Friday 2/15, at the San Francisco Art Institute. Divola’s work was discussed in last year’s night photography lexicon series.
  • New addition to the feedreader: Cara Phillips’ Ground Glass blog. Have a look at this great post: Joel Sternfeld on Robert Frank.
  • Paul Butzi’s Musings pointed me to an excellent article on the Economics of Online Backup. I’ve recently made some changes to how I archive photos, and will be writing more about this important topic soon.