Photography News: Chairs, Blurry Edges, Tonal Curves, Psychedelic 1974

Can you see the chair? -- by Joe Reifer

Can you see the chair? — by Joe Reifer

  • Quite possibly the most overlooked, least talked about component of the digital darkroom is where you sit. The official chair of Joe Reifer Photography is the Steelcase Think Chair. Yes, it’s expensive, worth every penny, and just as good looking as the chair pictured above.
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  • Mark Hobson praises the fuzzy edges of naturalistic photography over on The Landscapist
  • Curves is one of the most powerful, versatile tools in Photoshop. Charles Cramer goes over his combination of tonal curves combined with layer masks on Luminous Landscape.
  • Recently picked up two amazing albums, both from 1974: Taj Mahal Travelers psych masterpiece August 1974 is beyond Pink Floyd at their weirdest. Like a mellow version of the out parts of Can’s Tago Mago. Essential for NNCK fans. And Harmonia’s Live 1974 is a must for fans of Neu! and Popol Vuh. Check out Aquarius Records in San Francisco for the hard to find pysch and noise releases.

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  1. So that is how you freaking do it (crank out all these cool
    blog entries, shoot amazing photos, and keep your website up to date.)
    It is the chair!
    Dam it, I must get one.


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