Discovering New Photography Blogs

Matching -- by Joe Reifer

Matching — by Joe Reifer

If you don’t quite have enough information bombarding you, perhaps you’d like to find a few new photography blogs to read. Here’s a methodology:

  1. Go to the advanced search on Technorati, and do a URL search for your favorite photography blog(s). This will show you what blogs are linking to a blog that you already like.
  2. Use the drop down menu to sort by authority (lots of links), or freshness (the latest links).

I’ve found a few interesting blogs using this method. Technorati gives blogs a ranking called authority. I’m continually surprised that some of the best photography blogs have somewhat low authority rankings. Mark Hobson’s The Landscapist is consistently thought provoking, but doesn’t garner many links. Tim Atherton’s Muse-ings currently clocks in at an authority of 87, the 79,365th most popular blog online. Paul Butzi’s Musings ranks at 76, the 93,462nd most popular.The well known Online Photographer has an authority of 341, which is 14,157 in the rankings. Joerg Coelberg’s Conscientious has an impressive ranking of 452 — the only photography blog that I read with a ranking in the top 10,000 blogs online. Weird!

So what the heck are most people reading? According to Technorati, they’re linking to blogs about technology, politics, celebrities, and lolcats (#10 of all blogs!). Here’s a list of the top 100 blogs at Technorati.

If you have a website, blog, or participate in an online community, help spread the word about photography blogs that you enjoy by linking to your favorite content!

One thought on “Discovering New Photography Blogs”

  1. Hi Joe – here’s the thing about technorati and their rankings and why I find them to be a rather inexact science.

    I am continually amazed by number of blog entries I find about my blog and/or my specific blog topics that do not have a link back to my blog – either on their blogrolls or in an entry that is addressing a topic raised on my blog. And that, of course, is the basic metric upon which technorati makes its rankings.

    I find these blog entries by checking out the blogs of those who leave comments on my blog. I often find that those blogs link to other blogs that are discussing topics from my blog (often with quotes from my entries). What makes me a little crazy regarding this is, technorati rankings aside, that if half of those discussing my blog/blog topics on their blog left comments on my blog, my comment numbers would go up considerably – which I would really appreciate.

    It’s also worth noting, technorati-wise, that at one time when my page view and visit numbers were significantly lower than they are now, my technorati rankings were much better than they are now. Then they changed their measuring metrics and my rankings got worse.

    In any event, technorati rankings are primarily derived from quantity, not quality so they are something I have never much cared or worried about.

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