Photography News: Lenswork, Pinhole, 1DS III, Releases, Eastman, Mauritania, BMX

Make a note of it -- by Joe Reifer

Make a note of it — by Joe Reifer

  • Just when I was getting burnt on Lenswork, issue #75 arrived featuring Bill Jay’s great portraits and stories about famous photographers, and Larry G. Blackwood somehow making beautiful images of the often cliche┬┤ subject of grain elevators. Only those of you who get the extended version on DVD will get the bonus goods though: fantastic panoramic black and white night photos from Chris Faust’s book Nocturnes (plus an interview), and Robb Kendrick’s cowboy tintypes from the book Still.
  • World Wide Pinhole Day is coming up on Sunday, April 27th — Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco will be hosting free rides on the Bus Obscura “… a passenger bus converted to a multiple aperture camera obscura using a rear projection technique that allows the individual images to flow into one another. As the bus moves down the street a 360 degree animated panorama is created inside.”
  • Dan Heller talks about situations where you need a model release for editorial image usage.
  • Some interesting ruminations on the tricky question, Canon 1DS Mark III vs. medium format digital over on Pebble Place. There’s also an excellent compatibility chart for using Contax lenses on Canon EOS cameras.
  • George Eastman House now has some amazing prints for sale at affordable prices. Featured photographers include Alfred Stieglitz, Lewis Hine, Julia Margaret Cameron, and Nickolas Muray.
  • My friend Derek sent me an article about some amazing music from Mauritania.
  • Arising out of Amy Stein’s new photographers who rode BMX project, comes the raddest photo of the week of Aaron Hobson and family.

4 thoughts on “Photography News: Lenswork, Pinhole, 1DS III, Releases, Eastman, Mauritania, BMX”

  1. Hey Joe – that’s not a picture of Aaron Hobson, it’s a picture of the photographer who rode BMX (National plate # 13), Mark Hobson.

    Aaron just happens to be in the picture of me.

  2. Mark — looks like Aaron has the most trophies, but his bro has the best shin protectors. What year was that photo taken?

    Andy — don’t worry, the driver probably has a pinhole to look through.

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