The Photobook: A History

What is my name? -- by Joe Reifer

What is my name? — by Joe Reifer

I was thinking about taking the Photographic Book Publishing workshop taught by Darius Himes this Summer, but the timing isn’t going to work out. Darius has an interesting blog, which lead me to his article Who Cares About Books? I’d read another article by Darius in photo-eye magazine that referenced Martin Parr and Gerry Badger’s The Photobook: A History, Vol. 1. Darius again speaks glowingly of The Photobook in his recent article. So I went down to my local library and checked it out.

Two things. Thank you Darius! And why didn’t someone tell me about this book before? The Photobook is a veritable Rosetta Stone of photography book designs. I can’t imagine making my own photo book without having read it. I’m going to pick up The Photobook: A History, Vol. 2 next, and then continue on to the Book of 101 Books, The: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century if I can find a copy.

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  1. I worked for martin for a bit, and if anyone’s an expert on books, it’s him. I never got to see it, but the word from the boys at his office is he’s got books stacked against every wall floor to ceiling… that’s the collection that I want!

  2. Jonnie – that is super cool. Would love to see his collection.

    Andy – ask your library about Link+ — allows you to borrow from most major public and college libraries in the state!

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