Photography News: Miroslav Tichý, Disfarmer, Tamir Sher, Mare Island, Stu Jenks

Hele-phant-copter, Castle Air Museum -- by Joe Reifer

Hele-phant-copter, Castle Air Museum — by Joe Reifer

2 thoughts on “Photography News: Miroslav Tichý, Disfarmer, Tamir Sher, Mare Island, Stu Jenks”

  1. Sad story about Stu Jenks. I can appreciate it – though not personally relate to it. My stuff is not even close that level (not by a long shot), but I’ve seen/know a couple dozen fine art photogs with really outstanding work – but it doesn’t go anywhere in terms of them making a living. Just a few. That’s life I guess – kind of like getting into the NBA I suppose. So, I shoot for personal entertainment/amusement, to BS with people on the street, explore presentation/tech/book ideas, etc. There’s a whole industry out there offering workshops, portfolio reviews, trips, etc. But do many people really benefit in terms of taking their photography to a higher level and eventually a living? Somehow I doubt it – no doubt a jaded view! Nothing wrong with personal enrichment, though – a labor of love sort of thing…

    BTW, on the Tichy story, there are links to his work at the bottom – easy to miss. Really neat stuff and an interesting fellow….

  2. Hey all,

    Not to go into a long winded thing on someone else’s blog (and you know I’m not known for being shy with my thoughts, prayers, opinions and feelings), but I’m back in the game. Was offered a big show at the Hotel Congress in Tucson next month and am trying to figure out the ins and outs of Stock Photography and getting some of my stuff on line at Alamy (man, is that a rat’s maze of Ones and Zeros, to me at least)

    I can stop shooting like I can stop breathing. Well, I can hold my breath but as I told a guy a few years ago, who was guarding a campground, when he questioned me on why I was going up this hill to shoot nocturnal images, I simply said “It’s what I do”

    And perhaps, someday, I’ll get more of the coin back, but I am grateful to all of the sales I make and mostly, to all of the support, emotionally, I get from others. I’m truly blessed.

    And there is no debtors’ prison in Heaven, so who cares? It’s only money, and I have no kids. My images seem to be my children, rambunctious as they are.

    Again, don’t anyone think for a second that I’m an ingrat to the love I get from so, so many people and clients. It’s truly amazing and I am living the dream. A poor dream, but a happy dream none the less

    Much love,

    Stu Jenks

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