Gallery: High desert salvage yard part I of III

After 400 miles of driving and daytime temperatures of 103 degrees, the night brought a waxing moon and breezy 75 degree weather with big clear skies for the first night of shooting. Flabbergasted by both the size and contents of the yard, much of my shooting leaned towards a documentary style with semi-wide focal lengths and medium range positions. With 5 hours of moonlight and exposures in the 4-6 minute range, I completed about 25 setups, 12 of which are presented above (plus the Pacer X I posted this morning).

As the moon set behind the Sierra a little after 2am, we drove back into town for some precious sleep, only to be awakened early the next morning by some kids playing an extremely enthusiastic game of marco/polo in the motel pool.

Some of the first night’s images may not translate well at 600 pixels — I’m looking forward to eventually making some prints where the subtleties can be properly enjoyed. I changed my strategy the second night by shooting closer to the cars from a lower angle, and using a bit more flashlight. Stay tuned for part II in the next few days, including such classic cars as the AMC Matador and AMC Gremlin.

7 thoughts on “Gallery: High desert salvage yard part I of III”

  1. MARCO!

    “Graphic Accident” is my favorite.

    “Opel and Caddy”- that’s actually a 67 Mercury, not a Cadillac.


  2. What an amazing night photographer’s playpen! All the cars look great…hot dog…but the giant blonde could be one of the greatest finds of the century! Love her outfit, haircut, so well preserved…and what was she holding????
    Love the clean and easy simpleviewer format for multiple images! Look forward to part II!

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