Gallery: Mojave Desert trip diary

Many of the images in the Mojave Desert trip diary were shot from a moving car with a point and shoot camera. The gallery narrative was inspired by Rudy Vanderlans’ excellent book Supermarket.

7 thoughts on “Gallery: Mojave Desert trip diary”

  1. Wow, it’s like I was there . . . oh, wait.

    There is a whole book to be shot in Trona. A career could be made there.

  2. Yeah, what’s with this Trona place? There used to be a movie “studio” from somewhere in Jersey (I think) w/ that name. They made really cheesey disaster/horror pics. No – I think it was Troma Productions. I’m not going to bother to look it up. Memory will have to serve… the hell with finding it on the web. Read the current issue of Atlantic to find out more about what the internet is doing to our brains.

  3. Kent – I can picture the Toxic Avenger in Trona. Strange place indeed. Will take a look at the article but I’m looking at the Internet less these days and that seems to help.

  4. That town, this trip, looks nuts. Way to Orson Wells up the blog with some story.
    1st image could be named “Eye Of The Tiger” or “Rocky III.” Same same.


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