Gallery: High desert salvage yard III of III

The new WordPress theme I’m using has a wider left column width, so as an experiment I’ve expanded the image size to 750 pixels for this gallery. I hope you enjoy the added detail in this 3rd set images from the Mojave. If you’d rather see one of these images on your wall than on a monitor, please feel free to contact me about a print. And speaking of prints, I’ll have 3 prints in a night photography group show in Berkeley next month, and a 2 person Holga show is coming up in August. More details soon!

11 thoughts on “Gallery: High desert salvage yard III of III”

  1. Nice ones in here. Love the sky in the first Duster shot. Gonna have to show me where that Studebaker is on the map. Fascinated with the sky around the moon on the last one. What happened there?

  2. Thanks Troy! The Studebaker is at the back center not far from the Packard. Yeah, the moon flare in the Caddy camper shot is really weird. Exposure was 10 minutes – there must have been just enough movement in the moon position to get a slight spiral flare effect.

  3. The Monterey shot was pretty subtle – a little bit of dodging and burning and it started to grow on me. Having a few cars that were jacked up to layer against the sky was really cool.

  4. Hey Joe

    IMO, your work has taken a BIG leap to a new plateau with Salvage Yard II and III. It’s rather stunning actually. It is almost as if everything you’ve done to this point (that I am aware of) has been a mere prelude to this. I am possessed by an intense feeling of I’ll-be-able-to-say-I-knew-you-when that I can’t shake.

    Later today I’m going to write a review of this work for my site – as a means of more fully understanding my attraction to this work. I’ll keep you posted.

    BTW, is that print trade deal still on?

  5. Mark – many thanks! I hope you’re right. I’ll be quite interested to hear your thoughts, and I’m happy to do a print swap.

    Brad – thanks! I’m hoping to make a few prints. I usually start with 12×18 and go to 20×30, but may go bigger for 1 or 2 of these.

  6. Joe,

    What an amazing artistic journey this was! To have two nights to enjoy this immense location and the evolution that your images took from “documenting” to “reinterpreting” the night, very special. The cars in the sky and shooting into the moon created a very day/night surreal effect. You don’t see many night photographers creating that effect with the moon. Did you do significant scouting of the salvage yard during the day or were you just getting there a few hours before sunset?
    Thanks so much for sharing this nocturnal trip!

  7. Djll – surprised, perhaps. Forlorn for certain.

    Gabe – thanks. For stealth there was no daytime scouting. In a way the first night was for scouting and acclimation. Still a lot more possibilities at this place and I hope to go back.

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