Berkeley Architecture: Eugene Tsui Fish House

Berkeley Fish House -- by Joe Reifer

Berkeley Fish House — by Joe Reifer

The Tsui House, also known as the fish house, is located on Matthews Street in Berkeley, and was completed in 1995 at a cost of $250,000. The design was inspired by the tardigrade, a small segmented animal related to an anthropod. More details on this project can be found on the Tsui Design website. A 2007 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, and recent write up in the East Bay Express provide additional information on Tsui.

The house is located in an otherwise normal looking SW Berkeley neighborhood. The image above was photographed during the June 2008 full moon around midnight, with an exposure time of approximately 6 minutes. The moon is reflected in the window at upper right. As the camera position faced to the East, the star trails from the long exposure are quite pleasant in a print. This image will be part of a night photography group show called Nocturnes…in Berkeley? that runs July 14th-August 22nd at The Lightroom.

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  1. This is a really great photo of a wonderful house. I live about a block away and never get tired of walking by it with my dogs and family in tow. My son says: “We should bend our house into the fish house shape, then our house would be better.”

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