San Francisco Yerba Buena Gardens Night Abstract #3

San Francisco Yerba Buena Gardens Night Abstract #3 -- by Joe Reifer

San Francisco Yerba Buena Gardens Night Abstract #3 — by Joe Reifer

Last week Tim Baskerville of The Nocturnes kindly invited me to shoot with his night photography workshop at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. The gardens have a strict no tripod policy, and normally close at 10pm, but Tim secured a photo permit for the class. The gardens were very peaceful at night with everyone gone but a few photographers. The cloudy sky of San Francisco in the Summer is actually helpful for urban shooting as the high contrast conditions are flattened out and the light sources subtlely mix together.

The image above was shot using a Holga with Fuji 64T slide film that was cross-processed in C-41 chemistry. Exposure time was approximately 20 seconds at f/8. For those of you familiar with Yerba Buena, this is the boat sculpture near the East part of the gardens across from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (which you can see in the reflection).

2 thoughts on “San Francisco Yerba Buena Gardens Night Abstract #3”

  1. Joe,

    That’s a fantastic image! Love that vignetting. Looks like a space capsule or a time-capsule, crash-landed on an alien planet with the sun setting in the background. But wait! – there’s the reflection of the DeathStar, SFMOMA – what planet are we on, anyway?

    I will forward LINK to the others in the group – tomorrow night, we photograph along the Embarcadero.

    (From the desk of The Under Assistant Interplanetary Promotion Man)

  2. Thanks, Tim! In the spirit of your exploration of musical themes for images on the Nocturnes, here’s a song for this image:

    Outer space is a pleasant place
    A place where you can be free
    There’s no limit to the things you can do
    Your thought is free and your life is worthwhile
    Space is the place

    — Sun Ra

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