Reclining in evil

Reclining in evil -- by Joe Reifer
Reclining in evil — by Joe Reifer

Last night’s full moon photography adventure involved a recon mission to Fort Ord in Monterey. Socked in by some serious fog, we explored building interiors. Thanks to Steve for the hospitality, the other Steve for carpool and conversation, and Troy for his expertise in removing barriers to entry.

8 thoughts on “Reclining in evil”

  1. Thanks Andreas.
    Basim, looked like a combo of people dumping stuff, teenage partying, and kids playing — typical Urb Ex I suppose.
    Troy – I think the wall shadow on the far right was your doing – thanks for that!
    Dano – it’s slowly being torn down. This spot is not far from a shiny new shopping mall that replaced the amazing old laundry building.

  2. That conduit shadow appeared when you were lighting the wall from camera left. It caught my eye while you were making the shot. Very nice.

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