Walking All of Mission Street in San Francisco

Walking All of Mission Street Route Map

Two Sundays ago Jen and I set out on a walking tour of the entire length of Mission Street in San Francisco. We started just South of the Ferry Building at The Embarcadero and Mission Street, and walked all the way to where Mission Street ends in Colma. The whole route is about 9 miles. At a leisurely pace with stops for food, drinks, and lots of photographs, the walk took just under 6 hours. Starting and ending near BART makes this an easy car-free adventure. If your feet get tired you can just hop on the 14 Mission bus to get back downtown. The route is really easy to follow until just before Colma BART where you’ll probably need the route map. Even if you’ve lived in San Francisco for a long time, this adventure may surprise you. Below are 10 of my favorite images from the walk.

7 thoughts on “Walking All of Mission Street in San Francisco”

  1. My feet are tired just reading that.

    Great signage. All your friends named Peter need a print of “Pissed off Pete’s” IMMEDIATELY.

  2. I love it. Where is “Pissed Off Pete’s” along the route? Did you stop in at any of the places in the photos? El Camino Real along the peninsula/south bay would be another good walking tour.

  3. Jay – that’s funny.
    Don – Indeed. Going out with only the intention to walk and observe is fun and fascinating.
    Troy – I’ll let Pete know.
    Pete – The bartender told me you were at an anger management class.
    Jennifer – Pete’s is in the Excelsior – here’s the Yelp page.

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