New Idria: Night photography in an abandoned mining town

New Idria was a quicksilver mining town in Central California that has been abandoned since the early 70′s. This weekend I finally made the 175 mile drive from the Bay Area to photograph this amazing ghost town at night under the full moon. I highly recommend having a look at the extensive Three Rocks Research website devoted to the history and preservation of New Idria, which includes some great vintage photos. The gallery below has my 12 favorite images from last night’s shoot.

8 thoughts on “New Idria: Night photography in an abandoned mining town”

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  2. Is Pictopia doing the reprints on the New Idria site? Too bad I couldn’t make the trip and dig up some old donkeys and ghosts from the past with you.

    Acid Mine Drainage. My new favorite band.

  3. Thanks, Brad!

    JW – not sure who is doing the New Idria prints. Definitely want to go back to New Idria. I also thought Acid Mine Drainage would be a superb metal band name.

  4. Steve – I pulled up the shot from the settling pool at 100% and it definitely looks like footprints. Dedicated photographer? Shortcut? Bigfoot?

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