Photography News: Why So Serious (Sanchez), and blogroll update

Why So Serious (Sanchez) -- by Joe Reifer

Why So Serious (Sanchez) — by Joe Reifer

This Holga image was taken by the side of the railroad tracks in Emeryville while commuting to work on my fabulous Swobo Sanchez stainless steel fixed gear bicycle. This nimble ferrous machine of the two wheeled variety provides the possibility of exercise and meditation twice per day. In many ways that makes the Sanchez the most important piece of equipment that I own.

Speaking of important things, here are some blogs that I’ve been enjoying in the ol’ feedreader:

  • Sorry I Missed Your Party — hands down my favorite photography blog these days. Brilliant.
  • Edward Winkleman — photographers need to keep up with the art world, and Ed kicks ass.
  • Photo Business News — John Harrington’s blog is extremely informative.
  • City Snaps — San Francisco street photography by my friend Brad Evans.
  • Oakland Geology — a fascinating look at the East Bay.
  • Mark Tucker — an excellent photographer, and also an interesting thinker. Highly recommended.
  • Vincent LaForet — If you are interested in photojournalism, this blog is essential.

7 thoughts on “Photography News: Why So Serious (Sanchez), and blogroll update”

  1. Thanx for the listing, Joe. I’m still learning and getting the hang of it…

    Of all the photography blogs out there, yours is the best – a great mix of weird stuff, photos and interesting writing!

  2. Joe, I love your blog, you are a bit of fresh air in the internet world of “Bloto”. I’ve just connected via Craig and RV. I went back and read & reread your “Going Deeper May Require More abstract Excursions” well done. That said my day old blog started out as you described “worthless”, but your challenge I hope will help form it into something more useful than a place to store some snapshots.

  3. Hi Mike – I can only make a determination about the worth of online content for myself. Just because one person likes or doesn’t like a blog doesn’t reflect on any kind of more general inherent worth. Germinating a blog post may be the most valuable part. If the output is inspiring to others, all the better. Glad you’re inspired, and I’ll take a look at your blog!

  4. Joe,

    Thanks for the link suggestions. I’m glad to see that Brad is blogging these days. Thanks a bunch for the link to Vincent’s site; I never thought I’d find sports PJ so interesting.


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