7 thoughts on “Pearsonville Night Photography: ’59 Buick”

  1. She looks tired, sad, and very pissed off. I didn’t think you could capture the emotion of a derelict vehicle so well :-) Wish there were a few more stars visible in the sky. Acutally, I’m sure there are – they probably didn’t survive the down-sizing to make this web-sized version of the photo.

  2. What in God’s name were car designers thinking…assuming that thinking was actually being deployed.

  3. TJ – The sky does look a bit better at full size/resolution.

    Andy – sinister grin sounds about right!

    Bob – that’s space age livin’ for ya.

    Brad – About 8-9 feet away was as close as I got.

    Steve – the workshop was great, and what a cool place to hang out for a few nights.

    Troy – indeed, man!

    Thanks, y’all!

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