Pearsonville Night Photography: October Gallery I of II

Below are a dozen night photographs from the amazing Pearsonville Junkyard — the first 6 are from a scouting trip the night before the workshop, and the next 6 are from Saturday night. Let me know which images are your favorites, and if you have questions about the light painting techniques. These images are straight out of the camera, with only minimal adjustments in Lightroom. Stay tuned for a second gallery within a few days.

6 thoughts on “Pearsonville Night Photography: October Gallery I of II”

  1. Joe, I really like Chrysler row. I tried a similar shot from a different angle but couldn’t get it right.

  2. Hey these are really cool, I especially love “Go Away” – I am hoping to find a boneyard one day that is dedicate to Semis & 18-Wheelers.

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. Demon, Untitled 45, Got Punk, Chrysler Row, Imperial = Rock.

    Looks like you got nice cloud movement that weekend. These images look different than your work from our summer trip to Pearsonville. What is different? My guess is cleaner color from less noise (heat) light/air pollution? Did you paint with a touch more with light in these shots than before?

    Subway, cartoon network, Tecate, and night photography.

  4. Steve – thanks, I enjoyed seeing your images on Flickr – you got some great stuff out there!

    David – yeah, the old cars are so cool, it’s tough to remember how interesting the trucks are sometimes.

    Jay – Thanks for lettin’ me know your faves. There were excellent clouds one night, the rest of the time was clear. The images are cleaner because night time temperatures were in the high 40′s instead of the low 80′s. The Summer photos should still print well with a little bit of post-processing. There is a little bit more light painting on these images, and the light is a little bit harder and warmer. Subway, cartoons, and beer were consumed to keep everything else the same though.

  5. Joe–

    I just stumbled upon your website while doing some research on using 35mm film in Holgas, and I decided to stay a while. I just wanted to say that this series at the junk yard is simply beautiful! I love your approach to the subject, and your handling of the light and color is terrific. I look forward to exploring much more of your work. Thanks so much!



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